by Stan Coffey

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Worship Is Putting God First (1 of 2)
Series: First Things First
Stan Coffey
Proverbs 3:5-7
January 5, 2003

Amen. That's a great truth. Christ died once and for all. That's all it took. Amen. I want to thank God for the opportunity to be back today. I tell you. Sunday I was pretty ill. That's only happened about one other time that I can remember on a Sunday morning. But I tell you, about 10:00 I was over in the emergency room at BSA and I got to be feeling a lot better about the time you were praying for me. I just praise the Lord for that. Nothing seriously wrong or anything like that. So God's raised me up and I just praise the Lord for that. I'm looking forward to what God has for us in the new year. The first Sunday of 2003. You know, everything that is a first is of tremendous significance. Both in life and in the word of God. You know, your first day on a job. Every experience in life. Your first date. Your first day in school. Everything that is a first is very significant. Now, this is the first Sunday of a new year and you have begun it correctly. You are exactly where you ought to be. You are in God's house on God's day. I congratulate you for that. You are beginning in the right way in 2003.

Today I'm going to begin preaching on the first purpose of the church. You remember the 40 days of purpose and that we studied the five purposes of the church. We only spent one Sunday on each of the purposes of the church. Now we're going to follow up. We're going to continue on in talking about the five purposes of the church. We're going to take each of those purposes throughout 2003 and we're going to study each of them extensively so that we can continue what we've learned during the 40 Days of Purpose. I believe God's going to bless that as we continue to expand on and learn and develop God's purposes for our life. The very first purpose is worship. Today we're going to look at the fact that worship is putting God fi ...

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