by Jim Perdue

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A Life Built on the Word (4 of 23)
Series: Life by the Book
Jim Perdue
Psalm 119:17-24

As we continue our series from Psalm 119 on Sunday evenings we come to the third letter in the Hebrew alphabet, the letter gimel, found in verses 17-24. Remember, this psalm is centered on the perfect Word of God. That's why I've entitled this series, Life By The Book. Because we need to learn to live our lives, lead our families, and make our choices based on God's sacred book. And tonight, from Psalm 119:17-24, as we consider what it looks like to have A Life Built on the Word. READ TEXT - PRAY

*During WWI a Pastor by the name of Donald Grey Barnhouse, led the son of a prominent American family to the Lord. He was in the service, but he showed the reality of his conversion by immediately professing Christ before the soldiers of his military company. The war ended. The day came when he was to return to his pre-war life in the wealthy suburb of a large American city. He talked to Barnhouse about life with his family and expressed fear that he might soon slip back into his old habits and back into sin. He was afraid that love for parents, brothers, sisters, and friends might turn him from following after Jesus Christ. Barnhouse told him that if he was careful to make public confession of his faith in Christ, he would not have to worry. He would not have to give improper friends up. They would give him up. And so he got back and made a decision to tell the first ten people that he saw out of his old group of friends that he had gotten saved and was a new man living for God. And almost immediately - - in fact, while he was still on the platform of the suburban station at the end of his return trip - - he met a girl who he had known before he went. She was delighted to see him and asked how he was doing. He told her, ''The greatest thing that could possibly happen to me has happened''. You're engaged to be married'', she exclaimed. ''No'', he told her. ''It's even better ...

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