by Jim Perdue

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God Is Good When Life Is Bad (10 of 23)
Series: Life by the Book
Jim Perdue
Psalm 119:65-72

We continue our series on Psalm 119 as we discover what it means to live Life By The Book. The theme of this Psalm is the value and benefit of the Word of God in the life of the believer. You couldn't follow Jesus if God hadn't left us His Word. God didn't leave us guessing about His will, plan, and desires for our lives. He has shown us clearly what He wants us to do. Where do we find it? In the Word.

Tonight, we learn from Psalm 119:65-72 that God has a purpose through pain. Through problems, difficulties, and heartache, God has a greater purpose. God is Good When Life is Bad. READ TEXT

*I'm going to ask you to do something that won't be fun or easy. But please understand, I have a purpose in making this request. Think back to one of the most painful moments of your life. Take a moment and remember your heartache. It could be the death of a loved one, the loss of a child, the end of a marriage, the loss of a job, the wandering of a prodigal child. For some of you, maybe you're in the midst of your most painful moment. The Bible has a word for you tonight. God is still good. Say it with me. ''God is still good.'' Say it again, through the pain. ''God is still good.'' It's one thing to say it, it's another thing to believe it. But if you believe the Word, then you have to believe that God is still good even when life is bad.*

But one question we might still have is this: Why? Why does God allow pain, problems, heartache, and sorrow? This psalm helps answer that question. It represents a time when the psalmist encountered suffering but he began to understand why he faced problems.

*Someone once said, ''Men seek an explanation of suffering in cause and effect. They look backward for a connection between prior sin and present suffering. The Bible looks forward in hope and seeks explanations, not so much in origins as in goals. The purpose of suffering is s ...

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