by Jim Perdue

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Series: Life by the Book
Jim Perdue
Psalm 119:73-80

This incredible Psalm reminds us to make knowing and obeying God's Word the most important activity in our lives. In other words, it's vitally important that we learn to live Life By the Book. We have seen the psalmist walk through heartache, pain, and suffering. And we have seen him encounter victory, joy and triumph. Through it all, he makes one truth very clear. The Word of God provides the instructions for life. But the Word is of no value to us if we don't read the instructions. So, from Psalm 119:73-80, I want to challenge you to Read the Instructions. READ TEXT

*After years of researching, comparing, thinking, praying, researching, comparing, thinking praying, then researching and comparing some more, I finally bought a new truck. I loved my old truck, still miss it. It was a 2002 GMC Sierra with 208K miles on it. It never gave me a bit of trouble. But, I knew I needed at least one more seat if I wanted to ride with all five kids. And, I also knew that my old truck was about to cost me a lot of money if I wanted to keep it. So, for about two years I thought about it, did some research, and talked to people. I finally decided on the type of truck I wanted, looked at my options, and waited on a deal. My patience paid off and I found a great deal on a used, late-model Toyota Tundra. I've been very pleased so far. When I bought the truck, the folks at the dealership gave me a manual. And you know what my first was? My first thought was, I'm going to read this manual from cover to cover. I want to know everything there is to know about this truck. But, you know what hasn't happened yet? I haven't read that manual. Not one bit! There are still some things in my new truck that I don't have a clue about. There are buttons, lights, and sounds and I'm not quite sure what they mean. But I ride along in willful ignorance because I haven't read the instructions.*

The truth i ...

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