by Jim Perdue

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A Love-Hate Relationship (16 of 23)
Series: Life by the Book
Jim Perdue
Psalm 119:113-120

Tonight, we continue our series in Psalm 119 as we think about what it means to live Life By The Book. Remember, this psalm is centered on the perfect Word of God. That's why I've entitled this series, Life By The Book. Because we need to learn to live our lives, lead our families, and make our choices based on God's sacred book. Tonight, we come to Psalm 119:113-120 and we think about this subject, A Love-Hate Relationship. READ TEXT

*A love-hate relationship. Maybe you've heard the term before. This phrase can refer to a couple who deeply love one another but fuss and fight all the time. Or, it can refer to something you late doing but know you need to do. Or maybe, it could be something that's necessary in your life, even though you don't really want it to be a part of your life. For instance, I have a love-hate relationship with technology. I love all of our modern advancements, the way we're connected, the cool bells and whistles. But I sometimes I hate how all of this technology can make our lives busier and more complicated. Or reading. Some of you love to read. Your idea of a nice evening is curling up with a book for hours. Believe it or not, I hate to read! I do not enjoy it. But I do it because I love to learn and I want to grow. Or running. Some of you have a love-hate relationship with running. Not me. I have a hate-hate relationship with running. Some of you hate to run but enjoy the ''runner's high'' and the way it gets you in shape. I have a love-hate relationship with Atlanta Sports Teams. I've always been a big fan of the Braves, Falcons, and even the Hawks. But it seems like I've almost always been let down. Except in 1995 when the Braves actually won the World Series. I have a love-hate relationship with junk food. In fact, I love McDonalds. Isn't that awful? I should hate it. And after I eat it, I do. Here's a picture that describes my love-hat ...

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