by Jim Perdue

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God's Waiting Room (17 of 23)
Series: Life by the Book
Jim Perdue
Psalm 119:121-128

Our series through Psalm 119 brings us verses 121-128 tonight. We are learning how to live our lives according to the Bible: Life By the Book. You do realize that if you actually obeyed the Bible your life would be radically different and so much better? I want to challenge you, obey what you say you believe!

Tonight, we're going to talk about one of my least favorite subjects. In fact, if I could skip this section and get away with it, I probably would. But I know if I don't want to talk about it then it's definitely something I need to hear. And if I don't want to talk about it, there are probably a few people here tonight that need to hear it as well. The title for the message tonight is God's Waiting Room. READ TEXT

*Some people use ''pop-up'' timers when they cook their turkeys. This apparatus is designed to be stuck way down in the turkey, and as the turkey heats up, the rising temperature registers with the thermometer. When the turkey gets fully cooked, the outside of the thermometer pops up and the turkey is done. But now, this only works if it is stuck way down into the inner core of the turkey because if the turkey is not cooked, then it is not ready to eat. When the inner core is right, the external thing pops out signaling that it's time to eat! Many people are waiting for God to pop up and say that He will give them the desires of their heart. But what they don't realize is that God is waiting for them to be fully cooked. He's waiting on them to be ''done'' and they just haven't finished cooking yet.*

Before we go any further I just want to let you know something very simple. Waiting on God is always a good thing to do. I know sometimes it doesn't feel like it, but good things come to those who wait on God.

For instance, when we wait on God we can begin to see His will for our lives (Lamentations 3:25, ''The LORD is good to those who wait for Him ...

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