by Jim Perdue

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The Wonderful Word of God (18 of 23)
Series: Life by the Book
Jim Perdue
Psalm 119:129-136

Tonight, we continue our study in Psalm 119 as we think about the subject, The Wonderful Word of God. The Psalmist has been talking for quite some time about the awesome and incredible Word. He's been teaching us how to live Life By The Book. And here, in Psalm 119:129-136, he reminds us of how ''wonderful'' the Word of God really is.

Warren Wiersbe said, ''People obey God's Word for different reasons, some because of fear of punishment, others to secure blessings, and still others because they love God and want to please Him. The psalmist stood in awe at the wonder of God's Word-its harmony, beauty, perfection, practicality, power, and revelations. The longer I read and study the Bible, the more wonderful it becomes, and a God who wrote a book that wonderful deserves my obedience. To obey the Word is to become part of that wonder, to experience power and spiritual transformation in our lives.'' READ TEXT

*When I say ''wonderful'' it probably doesn't mean the same thing as the way we use the word today. For instance someone might call you with some good news that your car is ready to be picked up from the shop and that the mechanic was able to save you a couple of bucks on the work and you reply, ''That's wonderful''. Or your child might come home from school one day with a big smile on his or her face and tell you, ''Mommy, you'll never guess what happened today in my math class, I got an 'A' on the pop quiz we had'', and you reply, ''That's wonderful dear.'' Or we sometimes use it in another sense. Like when you are driving down the highway, the kids are screaming, you are in the middle of a really long trip, it's pouring rain outside and all of a sudden one of your tires goes flat; you put your hands up on the wheel, sink your head down onto them and just say ''wonderful.''*

Tonight I mean something a bit different. It's the wonder and awe that you experi ...

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