by Jim Perdue

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How to Respond to the Bible (19 of 23)
Series: Life by the Book
Jim Perdue
Psalm 119:137-144

How do you respond when you read your Bible or when you hear the Word preached? What should be your reaction to the truth of God's Word? You see, as you read the Bible, I want you to recognize something very important. Scripture is the record of man responding to God. Did you know that?

God speaks and man exists. God gives rules and man disobeys. God comes searching and man hides. God sends His Son and man rejects Him. God offers salvation and some receive Him. We could go on.

But did you know, that when the Word of God is preached there's always a response? *I say, every time I preach there are thousands of decisions. Thousands of people on our roll decide not to show up.* But more than that, hearing the Word preached always requires a response.

And tonight, we come to Psalm 119:137-144 and I want to talk about the subject, How to Respond to the Bible. Here, the psalmist gives us several ways to respond to the Word of God. If there's always a response, we want to ensure that we respond properly when the Word of God is proclaimed. What is a proper response? READ TEXT

*I don't really understand much about politics in the United Kingdom. Maybe it's because they have a royal family that seems so important and prestigious, and then they have other elected officials like their Prime Minister. Here's what I've learned recently. The royal family holds the top position in the land, but they have no real power to accomplish anything. All the position, but none of the power. You know what I thought. That's how most Christians treat their Bible. It holds the top position but has no real power. It's important, and we believe it. But it has no input into how we live our lives. Isn't that a shame!*

That's not the proper way to respond to the Word of God. Here in our text, the psalmist shows us how to respond to the Bible. Now, this list is not exhaustive. There are ...

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