by Dave Gustavsen

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Gut-Level Depression (2 of 5)
Series: Gut-Level Worship
Dave Gustavsen
Psalm 42-43

''I stand with the rest of the congregation for a familiar hymn. My heart is sad and parched. Mouthing the words takes a Herculean effort. I feel out of place in the midst of so many people with smiles on their faces and praise on their lips. I can't remember the last time I felt buoyant in my spirit or put my heart into worship. Guilt badgers me…''

''I sit in my recliner, clutching a second handful of tear-soaked tissues. In stark contrast to the afternoon sun, my spirit is pitch-black. ''Where are you when I need You?'' I cry aloud to God as despair envelops me. ''Don't You care enough to help?'' My weeping becomes so violent that my body convulses. All the prayers I've uttered seem in vain. The pain won't ease up.''

Firsthand testimony of a man struggling with depression. And it's important to mention that this is a man with a strong Christian faith. His name is Terry Powell, and he's a professor down at Columbia International University in South Carolina. And the reason that's important to mention is that there is a myth that if someone is right with God, then depression would never happen. In fact, this man, Terry Powell, talks about a time when there was a member of his church who knew about his depression. And she came up to him one day and asked him about his devotional life-you know, was he spending time reading the Bible and praying. And he told her that on the days when he had this relentless emotional pain, all those days began with Bible study and fervent prayer and confessing any sins that he was aware of. And he says the woman walked away from him, apparently not convinced that he was really telling the truth.

If you've experienced depression yourself, or if somebody close to you has experienced it, then I don't need to explain it to you! You've been there! You've felt the pain of it-and maybe you're feeling it right now. But if you don't understand-if y ...

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