by Jim Perdue

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From Believing to Behaving (1 of 9)
Series: Growing a Healthy Church
Jim Perdue
Titus 1:1-4

There would be no shortage of church-growth books that we could go to and see man's opinion about how to grow a church. In fact, there are all kinds of books and all kinds of opinions. *You know, opinions are like armpits, everyone has a couple and some stink.*

Here's where our faith gets real. If we say that we believe the Bible is true, then we must accept its authority over our lives. And if it has authority over our lives, don't you think that it has authority over the direction of the church?

It's this simple; if God created the church and God wrote this book, don't you think what He has to say about the church in this book should be a bit more important than the other so-called experts?

So, this evening we begin our series entitled, Growing a Healthy Church. I use this term ''healthy'' with great care because it seems that in many places we have forgotten its importance. We want a large church, an influential church, an exciting church, but what about a healthy church?

*Can I be honest with you for a moment? There are about three things that I know to do that would DOUBLE our attendance in a month or so. Well, preacher, why aren't you doing them? Because I'm not willing to compromise! Entertainment draws a crowd, but it doesn't build a church. And from what I see in the Word, God isn't interested in the crowd within the church as much as He is the character within the church. Hello!!!*

So, we'll turn to the NT book of Titus where we'll be for at least 9 sermons. Let me take a brief moment and introduce this book to you. If you have the ESV Study Bible, you can see many of these notes there on your pages.

Who: As the first verse states, this letter was written by the apostle Paul to his coworker Titus.

What: The theme of Titus is the inseparable link between faith and practice, belief and behavior. This truth is the basis for its critiq ...

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