by Jim Perdue

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The Glorious Grace of God (5 of 9)
Series: Growing a Healthy Church
Jim Perdue
Titus 2:11-15

Tonight, we open Titus as we look at the next passage of Scripture and take another step in our series, Growing A Healthy Church.

A healthy church, and a healthy Christian, will have a proper understanding of the grace of God. And when I say, ''a proper understanding,'' I don't mean you explain it verbally, or comprehend it intellectually, but that you have experienced it personally.

*Is there anything that we could think about that is as glorious and marvelous as the grace of God? We talk about fame and fortune as if they are worthy of glory. We talk about college football as if we glory in the victory on the field. We talk about prominence and influence as if that is the ultimate glory for humanity. We talk about our children who, when they do well, bring us glory. We glory in so many things. But in the end, none of these can compare to the glorious grace of God.*

There is nothing that you can give me, nothing that you can say about me, nothing that you can do for me that is better than what God has already done for me. His grace is the most glorious experience of my existence.

*Donald Gray Barnhouse once said, ''God's greatest glory is in His grace.''* Think about it - grace. *John Stott said, ''Grace is love that stoops and rescues.''* God's grace reaches to the depths of sin, rescues us from destruction and redeems us by paying our debt.

You see, if you've experienced God's glorious grace, there are no words that I need to say to help you understand it. But if you have not experienced God's grace, I could talk all night and you'll never understand it.

But Paul does a masterful job of putting grace on display in this text. READ 11-15 Here in this passage we are given a glimpse of God's glorious grace. And we see that God's grace saves us but it also instructs us. That's right, grace transforms and it informs; it saves and it teaches… (Specia ...

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