by Stan Coffey

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The New Jerusalem (17 of 17)
Stan Coffey
Revelation 21

We have been looking at Jerusalem during the millennium and how it will be the headquarters of Christ upon the earth. We have talked about how the nations of the world will flow into it and how the kings of the earth will bring their glory and honor into it. But after the millennium, after the thousand year reign of Christ, there will be the creation of a new heaven and a new earth and a new Jerusalem. The new Jerusalem is the holy city. The Bible says of Abraham that he looked for a city that had foundations whose builder and maker was God. This is the city which is God's headquarters for all of eternity and the home of God's people for all of eternity. Heaven is not confined to the new Jerusalem but the new Jerusalem is the center piece of heaven.

We are going to look at Revelation 21 beginning in verse 10. We are going to look at the kind of place the New Jerusalem is. Some people believe the new Jerusalem will be present in a sense during the thousand year reign of Christ on earth. They believe that there will be the old Jerusalem and then the new Jerusalem will hover just above it. I don't think you can prove that from scripture and I think the emphasis in the Bible is on the new Jerusalem that will come after the old heaven and the old earth have passed away and after we have a new Jerusalem.

I think we need to go back to verse 1 of Revelation 21 to get a sense of what I am saying about the appearance of this new Jerusalem. "And I saw a new heaven And a new earth for the first heaven And the first earth were passed away; And there was no more sea." Peter, in the second epistle, says that the old heavens And earth will be destroyed with fire. He said that the earth will melt with fervent heat, there will be a loud explosion, And God will destroy the old heavens And earth so that there will be a new heaven And a new earth, wherein dwelleth righteousne ...

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