by Jerry Watts

God's Gift to Us
Jerry Watts
John 1:29-34

Every person I know LOVES to receive a gift. Anybody here who doesn't like to receive gifts? My wife didn't like the gift I gave her one time. I gave her a set of men's golf clubs (GRIN - I think she knew they weren't for her.) Most people look forward to birthdays, Christmas, and other special days because, we all like to 'get' things.

They best kind of gift to receive is one that you really need. We 'think' it's to get what we want.

The greatest need every person has is the need to be reconnected with Holy God. God created us to enjoy fellowship with us. His desire is for a relationship with His ''Crown Creation.''

Some people say, ''If this is what God wants, why doesn't He just do it?'' Here's why: We have sin in our life (I.E. selfishness, lack of love, gossip, etc). God cannot and will not have anything to do unconfessed sin. The only thing which God does with sin is punish it! A price must be paid for sin.

To escape the eternal punishment for sin, you and I need someone to pay our sin debt that we might find forgiveness of our sin. We can't pay the price for our sin and go to heaven because-we'd be dead. We NEED someone to come, live a perfect life, and die for us because the payment for sin is death. This one had to be ready to take our sin, suffering and punishment that we be forgiven.

God promised that He would send 'one' to bring this forgiveness to us, Jesus was God's gift to us.

John the Baptist was sent to be a witness and bear witness about Jesus, the one who was sent from God to die for our sin and bring His light back into this dark world. Paul writes to the Galatians, ''But when the time was just right, God sent His Son, born of a woman and under the law, to redeem those who are under the law that we all might receive adoption as sons.'' God plan came together in Jesus and John reveals it in one statement. (READ VERSE 29) The greatest gift God has given us is bound up in this sta ...

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