by Stan Coffey

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Jerusalem's Glorious Future (16 of 17)
Stan Coffey
Isaiah 2:1-4

If you want to know where God is on His prophetic calendar, all you have to do is look at the nation of Israel. In Israel we find God's direction and what God is doing today. It seems that since Israel has been in the peace process, there has only been more violence. We are to pray for the peace process in Jerusalem. It is exciting days in which we live when we see Israel trying to work out a peace agreement when the Bible says that the tribulation will begin with the signing of the seven year peace agreement. We have been talking about the city of Jerusalem and what God had in store just ahead and how Christ was going to return. The Jews will recognize Him as the one that they had pierced. We looked at Zechariah where it said that they will mourn for Him as a man mourns for his only son. They will look upon Him and recognize Him as their Messiah. He is Jerusalem's protector. We talked about how Jerusalem's Messiah, their protector, will come to defend them when the armies of the world are gathered against them in the valley of Armageddon. Jesus, Himself, will come to fight for Israel as He fought in the day of battle.

Now we want to look at the second part of this lesson and that is Jerusalem's peace. That is the topic in the Middle East right now. How can we have peace in the Middle East? The truth is, there will only be peace when the Prince of Peace comes. Mankind tries to devise peace but if He brings peace to one area, war breaks out in another. It's like a disease in which we treat the symptoms and they get better in part of our body but they break out in another part. That's the way the false peace is. We have also looked at the physical nature of Jerusalem during the millennium and saw how God would elevate Jerusalem, geographically, so that Jerusalem could be in view of all the people who are in the millennial kingdom. We read that th ...

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