by Stan Coffey

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Jerusalem's Final Conflict (14 of 17)
Stan Coffey
Daniel 11:36-45

Alright, I want to invite your attention to the book of prophecy of Daniel, chapter 11. We are coming to the close of a series, entitled "Jerusalem, Center of World Destiny". We are looking today at lesson 14. We look at the final conflict in a city that has seen so many conflicts. We remember today that more wars have been fought, more kingdoms have fallen and more people have been involved through the years in rise and the fall of Jerusalem and the conflict over Jerusalem because it is an eternal struggle. We are going to find that not only is it a struggle in time, but it's a struggle in eternity. Even the spiritual forces above us war over the city of Jerusalem. So this is the most important city in all the world. More resolutions have been passed by the United Nations about Jerusalem than any other city. So it is important that it cannot be over emphasized in Bible prophecy.

In Daniel 11, we are going to find that beginning in verse 36 that the Antichrist who is going to come during the tribulation time is going to make Jerusalem his capital city. That is very important. Jerusalem will be the center of world destiny. The Antichrist will help to make it so because he will choose Jerusalem as his head quarters during the tribulation time. That is appropriate because Jerusalem is the city of the Jews and the purpose of the tribulation is for God's final dealings with the Jewish nation and the Jewish people. Paul tells us in Romans 11, that God has not cast away His people. God is going to fulfill His will and God is going to fulfill His covenant to David and to Abraham and God is going to bring Jews to salvation and all of it has to do with Jerusalem.

Now, look at Daniel 11, verse 36. Now speaking of this Antichrist who is going to come, it says, "And the king shall do according to his will, he shall exalt himself and magnify himself abo ...

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