by Stan Coffey

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Jerusalem During The Tribulation (10 of 17)
Stan Coffey
Ezekiel 38:14-23

Well this morning we have an exciting lesson and we're looking at "Jerusalem, the Center of World Destiny", Jerusalem during the tribulation time. Last Sunday we talked about Palm Sunday. It was Palm Sunday and we talked about Jesus' triumphant entry and how, in his triumphant entry he was rejected of the Jews. He presented himself as the Messiah prophesied by the Old Testament prophets who would come to be the deliver of Israel. But Israel was blinded. They did not receive him. They rejected him and they crucified him. And because of that God said, "I'm going to call time out for my dealings with the Jews." Daniel had said there would be 483 years from the command to go forth and restore Jerusalem until the coming of Messiah. Then Jesus presented himself. But, he was rejected. So God said, "I'm going to call out a people of both Jews and Gentiles called the church. During that time I'm going to put Israel over here. I haven't rejected them. I haven't turned my back on them, but I'm going to deal with mankind in a different way. So we have the Church Age from the time that Jesus was crucified and rose again, the day of Pentecost to now. We've been living in the Church Age.

But the day will come when once again Jesus Christ is going to come and present himself to Israel. Many of the passages we'll be looking at the next two to three weeks are passages about the glorious coming of Christ, presenting himself to Israel as their King. God is going to bring about world events in such a way that Israel that will become receptive to the truth that Jesus Christ is the Messiah. So all the Bible that deals with the Antichrist and the tribulation has to do with how God will shape world events to bring Israel to a point that she will recognize her King. In Romans 11 we read that Paul wrote that "God hath not cast away His people but blindness ha ...

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