by Stan Coffey

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Jerusalem And Daniel's Seventy Weeks (9 of 17)
Stan Coffey
Luke 13:34-35, Romans 11:25

Today we're going to return to our discussion of Jerusalem center of world destiny. We talked about last week, Jerusalem and Daniel's seventy weeks of prophecy, 490 years of prophecy concerning Israel. So we looked at Daniel chapter 9 and what Daniel had to say about God's dealings with the Jews. God gave a promise to Daniel that he would deal with the Jews for 490 years and at the end of that time they would recognize their Messiah. We looked at the first half of that lesson that took us 483 years through history. Remember that God said that when the command goes forth to rebuild Jerusalem, Jerusalem's the center of world destiny. When the command goes forth to rebuild Jerusalem then from that point on there'll be 490 years and then the Messiah's going to come in power and great glory.So we notice that 483 years went by. Exactly 483 years after the command went forth to rebuild the city of Jerusalem. Exactly 483 years after that on April 6, AD 32. Jesus rode into Jerusalem and we celebrate that time today, Palm Sunday, when Jesus rode into Jerusalem on the back of a donkey just as God said the Messiah would. Had Israel received him then they would have know that he was their Messiah. We're going to see today that's not what happen. So we got down through 483 years to that day. So we want to talk about that day when Jesus rode into Jerusalem to present himself as the Messiah to the Jewish people.

Now if you'll look at Luke 13, here's a prophecy of the Messiah regarding Israel. Then we're going to look at the presentation of Messiah to Israel. Now the prophecy of the Messiah regarding Israel was this, and specifically the city of Jerusalem. Now imagine Jesus is looking down there at the temple mount. As he looks down on the temple he says this, "O Jerusalem, Jerusalem you who kill the prophets and stone those sent to you, ...

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