by Stan Coffey

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Times Of The Gentiles (3 of 17)
Stan Coffey
Luke 21:24

The lesson today is entitled "Times of the Gentiles". We're only in the third lesson in this series and it's going to be a wonderful, wonderful series, relevant to what is happening today in the Middle East. Of course, the Middle East is God's barometer, God's calendar of where we are in history. One day God will call history as we know it to a close, the church age and the age of grace will end and then Christ will come for His church and the tribulation will begin. So we'll be talking about Jerusalem, the center of world destiny.Now let me just remind you of in previous lessons we looked at the history of Jerusalem as far as Israel is concerned. We went all the way back to the book of Genesis to where Abraham had an encounter with the King of Salem. Salem is another word for Jerusalem. That King of Salem was the Lord Jesus Christ himself because Abraham paid tithes to him and you don't tithe to men. You tithe to God. You know when you give your tithe today you're not giving your tithe to me. You're not giving your tithe to the church, but you're giving your tithe to God. The church is God's storehouse but you're giving the tithe to God. We went all the way back to Abraham. We looked at Jerusalem as the City of David because it was David who established Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. It was under David that Jerusalem had her most glorious days. We looked at Jerusalem under King Solomon and how King Solomon was commissioned by God to build the temple, the holiest place on earth to the Jewish people, the place where the great temple of Solomon was built. It was one of the wonders of the world, a magnificent building.

Then we looked in the second lesson at how today Jerusalem is important to three great world religions, that is, to Islam, to Judaism and Christianity. Why is there such a fuss over Jerusalem? Well, it's because the thee great world ...

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