by Stan Coffey

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The City of David (1 of 17)
Stan Coffey
2 Samuel 5:9

Well today we begin a brand new study. We're looking at lesson one on Jerusalem. We want to give a little gift today. If you did not get the little book when you came in. It's a beautiful little book, "The Greatest Moments In The Life Of Christ" by Max Lucado. If you don't have it just lift your hand and one of our ushers will get it to you. We want you to have this little book as our gift to you. We're so grateful to you that you are here today. We hope you'll be with us in the next many weeks because we have an exciting study on "Jerusalem, the Center of World Destiny."Now in a moment we're going to be looking at 2 Samuel, if you want to be turning in your Bible to 2 Samuel. Some of the verses are on your outline and some of them you'll not find on the outline. We put a few of them there. 2 Samuel 5:9. The city of Jerusalem is called the City of David. Now you may have heard this all of your life in connection with your Bible study that the city of Jerusalem is called the City of David. And here's the place where it is called the City of David. It is actually founded, humanly speaking, from the human side, by King David, Israel's greatest king. Of course, the one to whom God made the promise that one would reign upon the throne of David for ever and forever and establish an everlasting kingdom. Jesus is called the greater son of David. So, Jesus, being born in the family lineage of David, Jesus being called at his birth a king, the one who one day will come back to the physical, literal, historical city of Jerusalem and rule and reign on the earth. A great deal of our study over the next several weeks will have to do with, how does Jerusalem figure into the end time prophecies. We'll be focusing on how the real estate, the geographical place called Jerusalem will actually be the focus of end time events and even the events that are just before us in the ...

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