JOY (2 OF 5)

by Stan Coffey

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Joy (2 of 5)
Stan Coffey
Luke 2:10-11

Father we know there are may prayer burdens today and many prayer needs. We do, Father, acknowledge you as the God of all comfort, the God who answers prayer. We thank you that you sit on the throne of heaven, that you are in control. Lord, in these days of dark clouds on the horizon, perhaps war clouds on the horizon of our nation, we pray you will guide and direct our leaders. We pray, Father, that you will be with our men and women in service, many of whom are on battleships and aircraft carriers, many of whom are on bases in foreign places today waiting for the possibility of being called into military action. We just pray for them, that you will keep them safe wherever they may be. In Jesus' name. Amen.We're looking at Luke 2:10-11 today. The key verse for our series is Luke 2:11. "Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord." We're looking at the word joy. When Jesus was born the angels proclaimed joy. Notice the verse under the first point, "But the angel sais to them, 'Do not be afraid'". I think that's interesting. Fear not, it says in the King James Version of Luke 2:10. Do not be afraid. Because when Jesus was born Israel was living under the tyranny of fear. They were under the tyranny of the Roman Empire, living under military occupation.

Can you imagine what that's like? Living under Roman dictatorship. Do not be afraid. They had a lot to fear. They had to fear their Roman conquerors. They had to fear hunger and starvation. They had to fear all kinds of things. They had to fear poverty. They had to fear bodily harm. But the angel spoke to them and said, "I've got an announcement for you. Do not be afraid." Somebody has said that there are at least 365 times in the Bible when God said to His people, "Fear not." There is a fear not for every day that we live. God does not want us to be paralyzed by fear. You ...

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