by Stan Coffey

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Show Me Thy Ways (1 Of 10)
Series: Show Me Thy Ways
Stan Coffey
Exodus 33:12
September 1, 2002

I thank you so much for being a part of this worship time today. I'm very, very happy that you are here. Today I'm going to begin a brand new series of messages called 40 Days to Change Your Life. This is a preparatory series of messages getting ready for our 40 Days of Purpose. That will be on October 13 to November 24. You'll be receiving information about that today when you leave the service. You'll get a blue sheet like this handed to you. It will tell you all about the 40 Days of Purpose campaign that we're going to be doing together as a church. It will share all the information. It's around the theme, "What Am I Here For?" It answers life's most important question, "What am I here for, what did God put me on this earth to do?" It will give us an opportunity in our church, both in our Bible study time and the worship time to look at the five main purposes of a church. To study together every day at home, to be reading the same scripture, to be memorizing the same scripture, praying everyday, just seeing what God could do if we will set aside forty days for God to change our life as we seek to align our lives with His purpose.

Can you imagine the possibility of what God could do in the life of a church where all of its members were perfectly aligned with God's purpose for our lives? What an exciting time that could be, to whet your appetite for the campaign. I want us to look in your Bible at some Bible characters whose lives were transformed in 40 days. There are several of them. Today I want to begin with a man that you are familiar with called Moses. One of the things that happened to Moses, when Moses was beginning to lead the people of God he spent forty days with God in the mountain, just Moses and God. Now Moses had a great responsibility. He was about to lead two million Israelites across the desert to the Promised Land. Before he ...

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