by Stan Coffey

Are You Like Jonah?
Stan Coffey

Jonah had four periods in his life, and each period is represented in each chapter. There are four chapters in Jonah. In the first chapter, he's A PRODIGAL PROPHET; he's running away from the will of God. He finds out that it is impossible to do this, because wherever you go, the will of God is still there. He traveled toward Tarsus, which was toward the West instead of going toward the east toward Nineveh, where God sent him. One of the great challenges all of us have is being in the will of God and particularly serving in that place where we can best be a witness for Jesus Christ. Wherever God takes you, God can use you in that field of business, in that field of law, medicine, or anywhere else, to be a witness for Jesus Christ. But sometimes we run away from the will of God when all along that is the happiest, the most productive, and the greatest potential our life can ever know. By the way, all of us are represented in one of these four chapters. There are some of you today who are running away from God's will for your life. You're withholding giving yourself completely to God, seeking first the kingdom of God.

In the second chapter, you see Jonah as he runs in the will of God. That is, he finds himself on that ship; he knows that God is confronting him with a storm. When you have a storm in your heart, when there is unrest, when there is no peace, when there is no joy, there's no fulfillment, then you know that you've got to get in the will of God. So there you have A PRAYING PROPHET. Some people say, ''I don't pray much.'' You will. When that child is sick, and fever causes the brow to break out with sweat, and you see him writhing in pain, you'll pray. Or when you lose that loved one that's dear to your heart, and when your heart's breaking, you'll pray. Or when you go off to college, and you've made a mess out of everything because you've not put God first, you'll pray. God has to sometime allow those storms ...

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