by Stan Coffey

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Marriage And Family Survivor (4 of 4)
Secrets of Marriage Survivors
Dr. Stan Coffey
James 1:19

We're continuing our series on the family, the home, and the importance of the Christian home. In this day and age as we pointed out, it's really an accomplishment when you have a successful, happy marriage because of the number of people who are getting divorces and the number of homes that are truly unhappy. So it's important for us to know that God has a plan. This book is the greatest textbook on marriage and the family that has ever been written. We thank God for what He has given us in his Word. Here are three great suggestions. If you want to be a marriage and family survivor and to be celebrating your marriage fifty years from now, and if you want to go through year after year of happiness and joy, look at what James says. "Wherefore, my beloved brethren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, and slow to wrath" (James 1:19). Those are some great suggestions from God's Word; I think that could solve a lot of problems in our marriages. But we are told that 80 percent of marriage problems are in great part due to the lack of communication between the husband and wife. That is a difficulty.

I heard about a woman who went to see a lawyer to get a divorce. She was explaining her needs to the attorney. The attorney said, "What is that your husband does that is so grievous that you would want to file for a divorce? Does he have a grudge?" She said, "No, he has a carport." He said, "You misunderstood. Does he have any grounds?" She said, "Yeah, about five acres." He said, "Lady, what is the problem in your marriage?" "Oh, he says we can't communicate." That's the problem in about 80 percent of marriages when they have problems. It even starts before you get married. A young man proposed to a young lady on their date. Later on he wrote her a letter. "I can remember proposing to you last night, but I can't remember your answer." So ...

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