by Jim Perdue

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When God Seems Silent (1 of 11)
Series: God's Perfect Work through Imperfect People
Jim Perdue

Although Shakespeare never appears in his plays, his presence is pervasive. Every act, every scene, every line of dialogue bears the imprint of his pen. He is the genius behind all the characters, each twist of plot, every poignant ending. As far as the dramas in Scripture are concerned, the book of Esther is an anomaly. It is the only book in the Bible that doesn't mention God's name. But like Shakespeare's plays, every page beer's testimony to its author. Behind each scene you can see the shadow of the Almighty directing from the wings.*

More than any other biblical book, Esther is a tribute to the invisible providence of God. When God seems silent, He is not. When God seems absent, He is here. When God seems distant, He is near.

We never hear or see God in the book of Esther. Can you believe that? A book in the Bible that doesn't even mention the name of God. But even though His name is not mentioned, His presence is seen and felt throughout every page of this story. He is just offstage, cueing the characters and orchestrating the drama in order to preserve His people from a tragic ending.

Truthfully, very often this is the way it is in our lives. It is seldom when enemies pursue us that the Red Sea parts before us. Rarely do we get a burning bush or handwriting on the wall to discern the direction of God. I don't hear an audible voice from the Lord. Neither did Esther. Her life was guided by the invisible providence of God. Just like your life and mine.

Learning the ways of God


It's easy to see God in miraculous events, but not so easy to see Him in the mundane everyday. But that's where most of us live. We follow God without hearing the thunder from Sinai or angelic announcements. And this is why we need to be sensitive to His voice. To listen intently for the Holy Spirit. To learn His ways from the Word.

A study of ...

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