by Jim Perdue

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Love the People (1 of 4)
Series: The Role of the Pastor
Jim Perdue
John 13:34-35

Tonight, we begin a new series entitled The Role of the Pastor. I think it's absolutely important that we learn what the Bible says a pastor ought to be. No doubt we all have our own ideas and opinions, but the Word of God sets the standard.

What does a pastor do? Do you know? Of course, there's the old joke that pastors only work on Sundays and Wednesdays and they play golf eight days a week. (By the way, I don't play golf.) Do you know what a pastor does? Another question, what should a pastor do? Is the pastor's job simply to make sure that everyone is happy? Is he supposed to take a survey to discern and determine what everyone wants and then try to be all things to all people? Of course not!*

We must have some objective standard by which to write the pastor's job description and then to measure it faithfully. That standard is the Bible.

Now, I want to be clear about what this sermon series is and what it is not. I need to make sure you know my intentions. This is not a series on the qualifications of a pastor. Those are spelled out very clearly in the pastoral epistles and we'll get to them one day but that's not this series.

This is a series about the function of the pastor or the job of the pastor. What should the pastor do according to the word. So we are not dealing with the requirements but the role; not who he should be, but what he must do.

We will deal with four major topics in four weeks: love, lead, protect and feed. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but any list that does not include these is certainly not exhaustive.

There are three major words in the NT that are used to refer to the pastor. They are used interchangeably but describe a different facet of pastoral duties.

Episkopos - ''bishop'' in English; means an overseer. The word ''episkopos'' Means: ''epi'' = over and ''skpeo'' = to look or watch. This title emphasizes the lea ...

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