by Jim Perdue

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Lead the People (2 of 4)
Series: The Role of the Pastor
Jim Perdue
1 Peter 5:1-4

Tonight, we continue our series on The Role of the Pastor. This is a four-part series that will cover four major roles of a pastor: love, lead, protect feed. Last week we talked about how a pastor is to love the people. This week, we talk about how a pastor is to lead the people.

Now remember, this is not a series on the qualifications of a pastor. Those are spelled out very clearly in the pastoral epistles and we'll get to them one day but that's not this series.

This is a series about the function of the pastor or the job of the pastor. What should the pastor do according to the Word. So we are not dealing with the requirements but the role; not who he should be, but what he must do.

And the objective standard for defining the pastor's role and responsibility is the Word of God. It's not my opinion, or your opinion, or the opinion of any denomination. No, the Word of God gives the objective standard for the role of the pastor. READ TEXT

What is a pastor? When you hear the word ''pastor'' what do you think of? What is a pastor called to do? What's his job? Being a pastor is really unlike any other job…ever. Because the church is unlike any other entity or organization. It's not a business, but you have to know business. I'm not a motivational speaker but I have to be able to motivate others through speaking. I'm not a CEO, but I have to be able to lead. The church not an organization, it's an organism; it's not a business, it's a body. *

Being a pastor is a very unique and varied job and I love it! There's nothing else in the world I would rather do. *I heard a story about one pastor who, after resigning his pastorate to go to another church, he was approached by an endearing older member of the congregation. She wept over the pastor's decision to leave and said, ''Things will never be the same.'' The pastor tried to console her by saying, ''Don't worry, I'm ...

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