by Jim Perdue

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Feed the People (4 of 4)
Series: The Role of the Pastor
Jim Perdue
2 Timothy 4:1-5

Tonight, we conclude our series on The Role of the Pastor. We've talked about three of the four major functions of the pastor: love, lead and protect. And tonight, we'll talk about how the pastor is to feed the people.

Now remember, this is not a series on the qualifications of a pastor. Those are spelled out very clearly in the pastoral epistles and we'll get to them one day but that's not this series.

This is a series about the function of the pastor or the job of the pastor. What should the pastor do according to the Word. So we are not dealing with the requirements but the role; not who he should be, but what he must do.

And the objective standard for defining the pastor's role and responsibility is the Word of God. It's not my opinion, or your opinion, or the opinion of any denomination. No, the Word of God gives the objective standard for the role of the pastor. READ TEXT

The pastor/shepherd has the responsibility of feeding the flock. This refers to the pastor's responsibility of preaching. The church is fed through preaching, from the Word, by the Holy Spirit.

The role of the pastor in feeding the people with the word is of primary importance. The importance of the preaching ministry of a pastor cannot be over-emphasized. It is vitally important to the believer and to the body of Christ; to the Christian and to the church.

One man stopped his preacher and said, ''Preacher, your sermon kept me up late last night.'' This pleased the preacher. He asked, ''Were you struggling with the undeniable veracities of the Christian faith?'' The man said, ''No, it wasn't that. It's just that I don't sleep well at night when I have such a long nap in the morning.'' Some folks sleep like babies during sermons, but come to think about it, someone once said, ''If you can sleep like a baby you probably don't have one.''*

The solemn charge: 1

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