by Jim Perdue

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Stand Strong (7 of 13)
Series: Jesus First
Jim Perdue
Colossians 2:8-15

We are studying the letter that Paul wrote to the Colossian believers. These followers of Jesus were being attacked on every side. There were some false teachers who claimed that Jesus was not enough and to their faith they should add a special mysticism, ritualism, and intellectualism. Then, there were others who said that faith in Christ alone was not sufficient for salvation. They should add the works of the flesh and follow the Jewish law.

To combat these teachings, Paul writes this letter to remind the people of God that Christ alone is sufficient for salvation and He alone is supreme in all creation. He reminds them to put Jesus F1RST.

In Colossians 2:8-15 he continues to support that theme by encouraging the Colossian believers to fight against false teaching and seek the truth. Here, we see Paul encourage followers of Christ to Stand Strong. READ TEXT

There was a man by the name of Earl Fleming. Earl Fleming was an Alaska State Biologist. I guess if you’re going to be a state biologist, Alaska would be a pretty good state to do that. Earl Fleming decided to study the Alaskan brown bear. He wanted to study the born bear’s reputation for attacking humans. And let me ask you a question, how would you go about studying the way bears attack people? I know there are some people that you might want to nominate for a study like that but you know as well as I do that’s not allowed! So, Earl Fleming decided to investigate the only way he knew how. He would be the test subject. The only way to objectively determine how a bear would attack a human was to have a real bear and a real human. So, Earl was the real human. He had a theory and he was willing to stake his life on the belief that his theory was true. Up to this point, when a bear charge someone there were only two proper responses: unload your gun or run like the wind. But Earl decided to take a different approach. When Ea ...

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