by Stan Coffey

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The Radiant Woman (5 of 6)
Stan Coffey
Daniel 8:1-14

Today we continue in the series, in lesson number five on DESECRATION. Let me just say if you read the book DESECRATION, and I trust most of you read it, I just want to refresh your memory. In the second half of that book he talks about the exodus of the tribulation saints, the saved Jews, those of Israel who are the faithful remnant, those who did not take the mark of the beast on their forehead or on their hand, making their exodus from Jerusalem and from Judea out into a wilderness place that God had prepared for them. God will carry them out by eagles' wings. Dr. LaHaye, in his fictional account, describes something akin to the exodus of the Old Testament. Nicolae Carpathia, the Antichrist serves as a figure like Pharaoh. He wants to hold the Jews in captivity, but the great Jewish preacher, the great Jewish evangelist in the book stands up and says, "Let my people go." So the plague that is sent upon those who have the mark of the beast, the plague of the cancerous sores that appears on those who took the mark on their hands and on their forehead has become unbearable to those who have taken that mark. And so he is told, the Antichrist is told, "If you will let the people go. If you will let the people be airlifted out of Jerusalem and out of Judea, than God will withdraw this plague."

It reminds us of the Old Testament story of Moses and the plagues where Moses each time went to Pharaoh and he said, "Pharaoh, if you want this plague to go away then let the people go and God will lift the plague from Egypt." So this is how Dr. LaHaye envisions the escape of the Jews to a place of safety during the tribulation might take place. I think he has some fascinating ideas, some things that none of us have ever thought of which might be the way God will accomplish the salvation of Israel. Now, you remember in our studies many times we've talked about the ...

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