by Jim Perdue

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Remember What's Really Important (13 of 13)
Series: Jesus First
Jim Perdue
Colossians 4:7-18

This morning we conclude our study of the book of Colossians. I have been so blessed by the truths found in this wonderful NT book. If you remember one thing about this book I want it to be this: Jesus F1RST. Christ must be first in every area of your life.

If you can remember more than one thing, I want you to know that Paul met false teachers head-on. He taught the supremacy and sufficiency of Christ. He fought against legalism, human wisdom, and vain philosophy. He called us to live out the gospel in our everyday lives.

In these final verses, Paul concludes his instructions to the believers in Colossae. And he challenges us to Remember What's Really Important. READ TEXT

Life with five kids can be a bit crazy from time to time. Trust me, there's a reason we call it beautiful chaos! We are so incredibly blessed by God with these children, but some days they drive us absolutely crazy. And, it's funny to watch how people react to our family out in public. A couple of weeks ago, Stephanie took all of them to the fair by herself. She got all kinds of comments and looks: are those all yours? No, I just pick up blue-eyed, blonde-haired kids whenever I can. Did you hit your head? Are you crazy? Our favorite, of course, is…you have how many kids? Don't you know how that happens? Trust me, you don't want to know the answer to that question! We are really blessed. But if you have kids, you know this: sometimes life can be loud, crazy, chaotic, and difficult. I can remember about a year ago we had an especially difficult few days. Things just weren't clicking with any of them. Disobedience, whining, fussing, fighting. It was a mess. Stephanie and I were crunching the numbers to see how much it costs to send five kids to boarding school! Then we got word from one of our friends in TN that she had lost her infant son. He was a year old. She woke up one morning to fin ...

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