by Joe Alain

Will We Live Again?
Joe Alain
Job 14:13-17

''If someone dies, will they live again?'' Job 14:14a

The story of Job is the story of a man's anguish and struggle in suffering. He's trying to make sense of all the mess of what has become his life. And Job is ''straight as an arrow'' honest with God, he doesn't hold back, he pours out his feelings to God. Along the way in this spiritual struggle for meaning in life, there are some intermittent shafts of light, glimpses of hope that come to Job, they are like shining stars that appear in the dark night sky. This passage represents one of those intermittent times.

The great question of life is found in Job 14:14. ''If someone dies, will they live again?'' Job's fragile hope is expressed in the next statement, ''All the days of my hard service I will wait for my renewal to come.'' Although a dim light, and not a fully enlightened understanding of the resurrection, Job expressed hope that his renewal would come, ''renewal'' meaning ''release.'' In the future, Job hoped for a ''release'' from his suffering, he longed for a resurrection to new life. In this passage, Job prayed that God would remember him and ultimately redeem him from sin and the grave.

Life Application: The hope of the resurrection is fully realized in Jesus Christ who forgives sins, renews our lives in the present, and gives us the assurance of life beyond the grave.

It's the question of the ages. What happens when we die? Will we live again? Will we continue on in some way? All of us want to know the answer to that question. We're fascinated with the subject of life after death. In recent years, popular culture has been inundated with books and movies about people who claim to have visited heaven during near-death experiences. For instance, 90 Minutes in Heaven, Heaven Is for Real, and The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven. Lifeway Christian Bookstores recently removed all ''Heaven Tourism'' books from their shelves after the boy who suppo ...

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