by Stan Coffey

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Desecration - Antichrist Takes The Throne (4 of 6)
Stan Coffey
Daniel 8:1-14

We are studying "Desecration: Antichrist Takes The Throne." Today we are in lesson number four. We're going again to the book of Daniel, Daniel chapter 8. We'll be studying Daniel chapter 8 from God's word. In the book DESECRATION, in the speech that Tsion Ben Judah makes to all of the believers of the tribulation period he refers them to the prophecy of Daniel the prophet. He's interpreting for them what is happening during the tribulation time. As he interprets for them what Nicolae Carpathia, i.e. the Antichrist is doing, he makes reference that Daniel the prophet had prophesied this hundreds of years before Christ. He refers them back to the prophecy of Daniel and he quotes from the book of Daniel.

So I think it's important we understand what Daniel had to say about the desecration of the temple and about the man who would come who would desecrate the temple one day. Now Daniel is the Jew what Revelation is to the Christian. Daniel is the Old Testament parallel to the book of Revelation. So if you understand Daniel and then you study Revelation you'll see that Daniel and Revelation go hand in hand. So we're going to be looking at Daniel 8:1-14. This morning we'll go at least as far as verse 8. We may go a little bit further although our outline only takes us to verse 8. That may be as far as we go. But we'll start in Daniel 8:1. I think I'd just like to read this passage for you so you can get an overall feel for what Daniel is experiencing.

If you'll look in Daniel chapter 8 I'm going to read the passage and then we'll come back and look at each of these verses and see how Daniel explains the development of the Antichrist. Now God acts in human history. The scripture teaches that God is Lord of history, that he is sovereign over history. Many times we think the world is out of control. We think somehow that God has lost control or that God doesn't car ...

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