by Jeff Schreve

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Jesus on Marriage and Divorce (4 of 6)
Series: Built to Last - How to Build a Successful Marriage and Family
Jeff Schreve
Matthew 19:1-12

When I was a kid growing up, I was the fifth of six kids, my parents used to like to do a little cheap outing. And we would do it on Sunday afternoons. We would go for a Sunday drive. How many people ever did the Sunday drive? Okay. That tended to be kind of what people did back in the day. It's not so much what they do today. But we did and we would all pile into the station wagon that we had and me being one of the youngest, I typically got in the backseat sandwiched between a couple of brothers and a sister, you know, just kinda, in there. And where we lived in California, there were mountains. And so we would no doubt drive and we would end up driving through the mountains and winding roads and man, I remember three things about those experiences, those days on the Sunday drive through the mountains.

Number One: I remember getting sick, because when you're in the back, crammed in there and your dad's winding around, it was easy to get sick.

Number Two: I remembered that it was pretty. I didn't know a lot about what's pretty and what's not but my parents thought it was pretty and so I was like, yeah, it must be pretty. And some of the scenes that you get in those mountain roads are just beautiful.

And Number Three: I do remember this, it was dangerous. When you're driving on a mountain road, typically those roads weren't really wide and you had to be careful what was coming along the other side and you had to be extra careful if you were going around a curve. It's a serious, serious deal if you go off the cliff.

Now I wanted to draw something for you today and I'm not a very good drawerer so you're gonna have to bear with me but something that I think makes such sense and will help us as we are in this series on marriage and family called: Built to Last, How to Build a Successful Marriage and Family.

Today ...

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