by Jerry Watts

Turning the Tide
Jerry Watts
Nehemiah 1:1-2:8

A sermon entitled 'Turning the Tide' is not a sermon from an Auburn fan telling how to beat the ''Crimson Tide.'' Actually, I attempted to discover where this phrase came from and had little to no success. But when you actually 'turn the tide' of something - you reverse the direction.

This is important to know because today, we are in a mess. We live in a culture that seems to be disintegrating before our very eyes! It seems like every day we see something on or in the news which screams to us the degradation in the world. People being senselessly killed in movie theatres, military recruitment centers, and churches. Babies being aborted from their moms and their body part being sold for monetary gain. We live in a culture that is practicing euthanasia on itself.

The people I preach to each Sunday have, for a number of months, heard me speak about the darkness and the dark days in which we are living. Evil abounds on every hand. And everyone is trying to find a 'scapegoat' or someone to blame. I suggest the 'blame game' is another topic.

But here's the truth: We need to ''turn the tide.'' One of my favorite preachers (possibly one of the favorite preachers of our day was Dr. Adrian Rogers. Year ago, he preached on this passage a message entitled ''Turning problems into possibilities.'' I was amazed at how parallel his thoughts and mine are about this text, so I'll give you some of his words tonight as we share this truth.

How a sobering truth: ''If God's people does not get their act together, return to Him, focus on His call to holiness and turn the tide of this culture, the culture (as we know it) may not survive.'' Bro. Jerry, do you really believe that? - ''What part of absolutely do you not understand?''

If the Christ-followers don't make a priority of follow Christ, Who is? If God's people don't fulfill the call of 2 Chronicles, who can? If God's people don't turn the tide, who will?

So now ...

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