by Duane Bemis

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Old Testament (1 of 3)
Series: Lamb of God
Duane L. Bemis
Genesis 22:8

First came the Vision about the Lamb of God

One night while in chronic, nagging, horrific pain from the metal grinding upon the vertebrae bones in my neck, I could not sleep. As I went to meet with my Lord, I was given a vision from on High. I will try to explain this vision as it came to me from my Savior. I did not want to give pain a voice so I was seeking the Lord for solace.

In this vision I saw Golgotha, place of the skulls, three punisher type skulls where gawking at me with such evil intent. It seemed to me they were smiling in victory. The skulls, as they were smiling produced the final product of sin which is physical and spiritual death.

I did not like this vision which was playing in front of me but then, suddenly I beheld the Lamb of God. I saw a young little innocent and perfect lamb the sacrifice who takes away the sting6 of sin and death.

The lamb, directed by our Creator went to the hill of Calvary and embraced the cross. He allowed sinful man to crucify Him who was prefect and innocent. Oh, this Lamb was wearing the crown of the King of kings. His fleece was as white as snow. The product of the Lamb of God was my salvation.

I then saw four golden pots of burning incense, which I knew where the praying saints covering me with intersession. The smell was wonderful and filled my heart with peace, love, and even joy in the midst of pain.

I then saw the cross lift high on the hill of Golgotha and driven into the middle skull and it pierced the skull. Oh death, where is your sting! Mourning is gone, death is gone, and guilt has been taken away. Darkness was replaced with the Light unto all man. Torment had to give away to Heavenly peace. The product of the cross was life and life abundant for me.

This is when I picked up my pencil and began to draw.

On the middle of three crosses was posted a paper scroll which read, ''GRACE.'' Oh, heart, this is t ...

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