by Stan Coffey

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Stan Coffey
Revelation 16:1-2 and Daniel 9:27

Today you have your outline, "DESECRATION: Antichrist Takes the Throne". What we do in these lessons is we take the biblical background that is the biblical support for the story in DESECRATION. So as you read DESECRATION you might ask yourself, "Where did this idea come from and where did that idea come from?" For example, in just a moment we're going to hear a little portion of the book on tape where one of the believers is rebuking the Antichrist. In the process of that the False Prophet calls fire from heaven down on the believer and she is consumed by fire. Of course, we find this in Revelation 13 where the False Prophet is said to be given power to call fire down from heaven and to do many other miracle in the sight of men. Let's just take a listen to that portion of the book for a moment." They knelt and raised their arms to Nicolae, who remained with his hands outstretched and began to worship. 'How many of you will receive the mark of loyalty on this day at the temple mount' Fortunato implored. Thousands rose from their knees to wait, to assure the leader of Carpathianism that they would be there taken the mark in the shadow of the image. 'My Lord, the very God of this world has granted me the power to know your hearts' Fortunato said between claps of thunder. 'If your heart is deceitful you shall not be able to stand against the all seeing eye of your God or his servants.'

"Suddenly the crowd fell deathly still and the thunder diminished to low rolls. Fortunato stood surveying the massive throng still scratching, but his eyes piercing. Carpathia had somehow maintained his pose for several minutes. Heads and eyes turned toward a high screeching voice from the base of Golgotha. The crowd evaporated from around the woman who stood pointing at Carpathia and Fortunato. 'Liars!' she railed. 'Blasphemers, Antichrist, False Prophet, wo ...

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