by Joe Alain

The Woman Who Changed the World
Joe Alain
Acts 16:6-15


Have you ever found yourself struggling with a major decision? You're not sure what direction God wants you to go? You're not sure which path to take? Or perhaps the path that you feel is the right one seems hard and the doors are closing? Then there are those times when it seems like God opens a window and let's the light in and you conclude that, ''Yes, this is the way'' and you walk in it that way and you experience God's peace and blessings. This is kind of where we find Paul and the other believers in our text today. They are sure that they are going in the right direction, that they have taken the right path, but it's been hard, the doors seem closed at every turn. But then God gives them light, he gives them ''vision,'' he directs their path and when they follow the Lord's plan they discover God's incredible peace and blessings. They come to realize, to ''know,'' that they are right where God wants them to be. How we respond to God in these moments of clarity and decision is very important as to the outcome we experience. Our decisions do matter.

Our response to God has life-altering implications not only for us but for others as well. Think about it for a moment. Paul and others who responded with obedience to God's call brought the Gospel to Europe for the first time. And Lydia's response of obedience brought salvation to her and her household. What impact could your response to God's call make?

Life Application: ''Your response to God's will has life-altering implications for you and others in your family and beyond.'' So let's see what we can learn from this account about the impact our lives make through our obedience to following God's will.

The missionary journeys of Paul reveal an amazing combination of strategic planning and sensitivity to the guidance of the Holy Spirit in working out the details of the main goals. Paul has the big picture in view, that of fulf ...

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