by Joe Alain

What's Your Story?
Joe Alain
Mark 5:18-20; Acts 22:3-16

The following sermon was used to teach the congregation how to share their personal testimony. Much of the practical material has been gathered from various places over several decades of teaching and preaching on this subject.

''I've not always been a Christian . . .'' [Relate your ''Personal Salvation Story,'' 10 Minutes].
Transition: ''What's your story?''

Everyone Has a Story
Every Christian has a personal account of how they came to know Jesus and what He has done for them. The details of our stories will be different, but all Christians will have at least three points in common. This common ground that we share in our salvation stories can be illustrated in the life story of the Apostle Paul.

As it was with Paul, . . .
1. There was a time in your life when you were not a Christian. This is your life before Christ, as I like to describe them, your ''BC'' days. Read Acts 22:3-5.
*Paul was born a Jew and raised thoroughly in Judaism under the Rabbi, Gamaliel (v.3).
*Paul was totally devoted to the cause of Judaism, he was a true believer, ''zealous'' (v.3).
*Paul severely persecuted Christians, he saw them as a threat to Judaism (vv.4-5).
This was Paul's life before Christ, but then something wonderful happened.

As it was with Paul, . . .
2. You met Jesus and made a personal commitment to Him. Read Acts 22:6-13.
*On his way to destroy Christians, Paul met the resurrected Christ (vv.6-9). This profound spiritual experience brought Paul to his knees.
*Paul realized that his life, his story was going in the wrong direction, he realized that he was actually fighting against God.
*God used another believer named Ananias to help Paul understand what was happening and how to place his trust in the Lord (v.13).

As it was with Paul, . . .
3. Now because of Christ your life has changed. Your different, there have been changes in your life since you met Christ ...

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