by Stan Coffey

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The Church Triumphant (11 of 14)
Stan Coffey
Matthew 16:13-19
July 14, 2002

Today, look at your outline. We're talking about "The Church Triumphant". In uncertain times there is an unshakable truth that says the gates of hell shall not prevail against the church. Now, the church is not a luxury liner. The church is a man of war. The church has been through many trials and many times of testing. God's church has always been triumphant. You know, I think it's interesting that Communism is built on the concept that there is no God. Yet, in the former Soviet Union, the statues of Lenin were torn down and the church of Jesus Christ has flourished. Wherever the church has been founded it has transformed society for the better and for the good. It has survived every attack that has come against it. Aren't you glad that in uncertain times you know the church is going to be triumphant because God has ordained that to be so? There's no other subject so important to the Christian as the church and a believer's relationship to the church. I hope we'll better understand what the church is, how the church functions, what Christ intended when He founded the church.

So we want to look at Matthew 16:13-17 as we begin we're going to talk about the saving belief of the church. I want to tell you, we're not all going to the same place when it comes to world religions. You know, I hear it said all the time and I heard it said this past week by one very popular television commentator, who is conservative politically. I heard him say that it doesn't matter if you pray to Allah or God or Jesus, that we are all praying to the same God and we're all going to the same place, and that all religions are equal. No, the Bible doesn't teach that. The Bible teaches that Jesus only founded the church. He didn't found Buddhism or Mohammedism or any of the other "isms" that ought to be "wasms". He only founded the church. It's the ...

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