by Stan Coffey

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How Can We Know God? (1 of 14)
Series: Unshakable Truth for Uncertain Times
Stan Coffey
Acts 17:24-28

This morning look at your outline as we begin UNSHAKABLE TRUTH FOR UNCERTAIN TIMES. These are basic Bible truths that undergird our faith. If you know of someone who feels that perhaps they grew up in church, but they didn't really get the very basics of Bible doctrine or Bible teaching, or someone who would say to you, ''You know, I'd like to be able to more clearly express my faith and what I believe'', or if you know someone who would say this, ''I'd like to know why I believe what I believe. I know what my church teaches, but I want to know why they teach it.'' Then this study will be rich for you. It will be helpful for you. Now, if you're looking for a study with a lot of Greek words, a lot of Hebrew words, and a lot of words that people can't understand this is not the study. I'm going to express things the only way I know how to express things in simple terms that everybody can understand. It will be a very helpful study about the foundations of our faith.

I like to call it UNSHAKABLE TRUTH FOR UNCERTAIN TIMES because haven't these been uncertain times in the late 1990's and as we've entered into this new century? Many things are happening that are unexpected. In light of what's happening in Israel, in light of the attack upon America on September 11, I anticipate that we'll see many more unexpected, surprising and uncertain things taking place in our world. You know, the thing that we must have when things are being shaken around us, is a foundation on which to stand. It's so important when things happen that we don't understand, when things happen that shake us to the core as did September 11th and all those events - when these kinds of things take place we need to have a faith that we can look to, a faith that we can call upon. That faith is found in the Word of God.

Now I want you to notice the passage on your outline. The scripture is p ...

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