by Stan Coffey

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The Last Jihad (11 of 11)
Stan Coffey
Ezekiel 38:1-6

This morning we're going to talk about the last jihad, the last jihad, Islam's last jihad. What does jihad mean? Jihad means holy war. In the Koran it's presented as a declaration of war against all non Muslims. It's the effort to bring all the world into the Muslim faith by whatever means are necessary to bring them into this faith. So, in the early days of Islam, Muhammad, the prophet, its founder, had two ways that he brought people into the Islam religion. One of the ways was that he converted people. He preached to people his doctrine, his truth. He converted people. The other way was he conquered people. He was a warrior and had a mighty army and would conquer another country or another tribe, another people and he would bring them all under the teaching of Islam. It's like when the Taliban took over in Afghanistan. Islam was already the predominant religion there, but when the Taliban took over they took away the human rights and more or less declared that everybody who lived in Afghanistan had to come under the rule of Islam, and their interpretation of the rule of Islam. This is jihad. Jihad is what Osama bin Ladin and Al Qaida has declared against the United States and many other countries in the west. They are going to bring us under submissive of the laws of Islam in any means that they have to employ to do that and they feel they are justified in doing that by whatever means that they
need to do.

Now, there have been many jihads and there continues to be a jihad in force today. Some of the Muslim countries are openly involved. Some other countries are not so openly involved, but they have groups within the countries that are very much involved in Jihad. Now, the Bible talks about a last jihad that's coming in the future. Of course, the ultimately goal of jihad is to recapture Jerusalem for Islam. That's why over the past two or three wee ...

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