by Stan Coffey

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The Islamic Global Threat? (10 of 11)
Stan Coffey
Psalm 83:1-10

Today we come to lesson ten on "Islam: What You Need To Know Now". Today we're going to talk about the Islamic global threat. Today and next Sunday we'll be talking about how the movement in Islam that we see now fits into Bible prophecy and into the battle of Armageddon. It's an extremely instructive lesson as far as telling where we are in Bible prophecy and how the recent events in the Middle East fit in. I want you to notice Psalm 83:1-10. Many of the Psalms were given to David, to Moses, most of them to David, regarding the warfare he fought with his enemies. The Psalms can have a primary meaning to David at that time, that David needs the comfort of the Lord and so he prays that God will give him deliverance from the enemy. Then the Psalms can have a practical meaning because when the Psalms talk about praying that your enemy will be defeated, you can use that to apply in spiritual warfare.

In spiritual warfare you have an enemy and that enemy is Satan. He comes against your family. He comes against freedom. He comes against democracy. Satan is alive and at work in the world today so when David, in this Psalm prays "See how your enemies are astir, how your foes rear their head," that can be applied spiritually in your own life as you sense and feel that the devil is coming against you. But then the Psalms also have a prophetic meaning. Not only a primary meaning to the one whom it was written, not only a practical meaning to those of us who are in the Christian life right now, but it has a prophetic meaning and that is it tells us how Israel fits into Bible prophecy. It tells us about the nations that have the ancient enemies of Israel, that will continue to be the enemies of Israel right up until this present time and until the end of the age.So look at this verse on your outline, Psalm 83:1-10. "O God, do not keep silent; be not quiet, ...

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