by Stan Coffey

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The Dark Side of Islam? (9 of 11)
Stan Coffey
Daniel 9:26-27

As we've studied "Islam: What You Need To Know Now" we come to lesson nine that I call "The Dark Side of Islam". There is a dark side to Islam and we're going to look at it in the Word of God. Look if you will at your outline at Daniel 9:26-27. "After the sixty two sevens, the Anointed One will be cut off and will have nothing." The Anointed One is Jesus Christ. The sixty two sevens are sixty two years times seven years that God has dealt with the nation of Israel beginning with the command given to Nehemiah to go and rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. We know exactly when that was in the Jewish calendar. When Jesus presented himself to the people of Israel as Messiah they rejected him and he was cut off, it says. The Anointed One will be cut off and have nothing. Nothing as far as Israel is concerned. Well, God called time out for Israel, and time in for the Gentiles. Since that time we have been living in the church age, since Israel as a nation rejected Christ as their Messiah. But God is not finished yet.

He goes on to say "the people of the ruler who will come will destroy the city and the sanctuary." Now, the city is the city of Jerusalem. Here God predicts something that has not occurred yet, a figure of it occurred in 70 AD when Jerusalem was destroyed by the Romans. The sanctuary there is the temple. But here he's talking about the time after God has dealt with the church age, when the Jewish nation will again be God's focus. Here you have the sixty two sevens. That leaves seven years for the years that God said He would deal with the nation of Israel. Then he says the people of the ruler who will come. Now, if he's going to destroy the sanctuary there has to be a sanctuary. There is no sanctuary in Israel. There is no temple. That temple is to be rebuilt. If it's to be rebuilt, then the Palestinians cannot occupy Jerusalem. They cann ...

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