by Stan Coffey

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Jesus and Muhammad? (8 of 11)
Stan Coffey
Luke 4:18-19

I want you to turn and look at your outline in a moment to Luke 4:18-19. It's number three under capital letter A. We're comparing Jesus and Muhammad. You know if you're going to understand a religion you need to look at its founder. Look at the founder's philosophy of life. Look at the founder's writings. Look at the founders beliefs. Also, you need to look at the founders source of authority. So we've been looking at Jesus and Muhammad starting last Sunday. Today we'll finish that lesson and then next week we're going to talk about Islam and terrorism. We'll talk about the connection between the two. A very important lesson in light of the fact that in the Middle East we have the greatest escalation of violence between the Palestinians and Israel that we've seen in many, many years, perhaps ever, as far as the dealings with a proposed Palestinian state and the nation of Israel are concerned.

I've been watching it very closely because as a student of Bible prophecy I see many things happening that will put the events in place that Revelation tells us about. One of those will be a great challenge to Israel and to its viability as a state. As you know, those in militant Islamic groups want to push Israel into the Mediterranean Sea. Many of them do not even have the state of Israel on their map. But, the Bible predicts that there will be one who will propose a peace treaty. This peace treaty will be accepted by the nation of Israel and the one who proposes that peace treaty and successfully initiates it will be the Antichrist. So, you'll not want to miss that lesson next week.

As we look at Jesus and Muhammad the first thing we consider is their positions on violence. At a time when the Jews belittled the Gentiles, and felt superior to the Gentiles, Jesus demonstrated love toward them. Let me give you an example. You remember the story in John cha ...

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