by Stan Coffey

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What Does Islam Teach About Salvation? (5 of 11)
Stan Coffey
Acts 4:12

The events that take place in our world right now remind us that Islam has a big part in what is happening during the end of the age. It is a religion that has always challenged, as we have seen in these lessons, it has always challenged the children of Abraham, the children of Isaac and the children of Jacob who are the chosen people of God. So we have what many call the greatest crisis in the Middle East that we've ever face. We live in a precarious world where, while we have the axis of evil, nations who are building weapons of mass destruction and are intent on destroying on all nations who love freedom and democracy. We have on the other hand, the Arab nations, primarily the Islamic nations who are dedicated to the destruction of Israel, most of whom hate America with all their heart. This is not to say that Islamic people who are American citizens feel the same way. I'm sure that most of them do not. Yet we can't ignore that at least a third who follow Islam are in an extreme group who interpret the Quran literally when it says that they are to kill Christians and Jews. So it behooves us to understand what this religion teaches and why it is such a fast growing religion.

In lesson five we're going to discuss what Islam teaches about salvation. As we do that it's also necessary for us to remind ourselves what the Bible teaches about salvation. There is a huge contrast between what the Bible teaches and what Islam teaches. Now last Sunday we looked at what Islam teaches about Jesus Christ. Those outlines are available for those of you who may not have been here because of the holiday and because of the Easter break. The tapes are available as well for check out or to purchase if you would rather do that. We learn that the Islamic religion makes much about their admiration of Jesus. They admire Him as a prophet. They admire Him as a m ...

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