by Jerry Watts

Something Unimaginable
Jerry Watts
Mark 6:30-44

William Jennings Bryan wrote this about miracles: ''Some skeptics say, 'Oh, the miracles. I can't accept miracles.' One may drop a brown seed in the black soil and up comes a green shoot. You let it grow and by and by you pull up its root and find it red. You cut the root and it has a white heart. Can anyone tell how this comes about-how brown cast into black results in green and then red and white? Yet you eat your radish without troubling your mind over miracles. Men are not distressed by miracles in the dining room-they reserve them all for religion!''

How long has it been since you experienced God doing something in your life or around you that was unexplainable or Unimaginable? It could have been someone healed, saved, restored, repaired, or even a broken heart that was mended. A few weeks ago I spoke about the 'lower room' thinking which is what the Bible calls 'of the flesh.' Too often, we miss so much because we live on the low level of the natural, the ordinary, and the explainable. Even this week I was reminded of how, even Pastors, tend to leave the 'super' out of the 'supernatural. Vance Hafner said, ''We leave no room for God to do the exceeding abundant thing above all that we can ask or think.'' (Text)

This story looks like the extraordinary (to us), however that is ordinary to our Lord.

With this crowd, my goal is just get us to thinking tonight. Why is it that we read about Jesus doing the miraculous in the lives of people in the New Testament and we seem to miss out on His work? Is He not powerful anymore? Has He gone from omnipotent to impotent?

Could it be that our Lord wants to do exceedingly, abundantly, far beyond anything we can imagine, even here? Could we be stopping God? This is one of those truths that we seem to miss. With chest stuck out raised, most preachers loudly exclaim, ''God is sovereign'' (He is), ''God can do whatever He wants'' (He can), and there is nothing ...

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