by Joe Alain

Go Deep
Joe Alain
Luke 5:1-11

Outline: Going Deep means . . .
1. Thinking Outside the Shoreline (5:1-3)
2. Obeying the Lord by Faith (5:4-7)
3. Doing What You Were Created to Do (5:8-11)

This Summer the movie ''Jaws'' is celebrating its 40th anniversary (6/20/15). Growing up on the beaches of Florida, that movie had a hugely negative impact on my life. For some reason that I cannot remember, my mother took me to see that movie. The only other movie I remember seeing with my parents was ''Gone with the Wind'' which as a kid I thought was about the most boring movie you could ever see. Anyway, I saw Jaws from the very front row in the theatre because those were the only seats available. I can tell you, that movie sure wasn't boring, it was terrifying! One of the great movie lines that came out of the story was from police chief Brody. He sees Jaws at the back of the boat and then says to crusty Captain Quint, ''You're going to need a bigger boat.''

After seeing the great catch of fish that Peter and his fishing buddies reeled in, and the boats so weighted down that they were beginning to sink, we might also say, ''Peter, it looks like you're going to need a bigger boat!'' In leading the disciples to a great catch of fish, Jesus was showing them the unrealized potential that they could make in the lives of people by following Him (v.10b). ''Don't be afraid . . .'' Jesus says to them. After that experience, they were all in!

We want to see God glorified in our lives, we want to make a difference in the lives of people, we know the Gospel is powerful to change lives, and we celebrate what God has done and continues to do in our lives and through His church. That is why you're here. We are followers of Jesus our Lord and we've said, we're all in! God wants to show us today from this simple and ''true'' fishing story the unrealized potential and blessings that He can make in and through our lives as we continue to follow him. God is alw ...

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