by Stephen Whitney

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Series: Colossians - The Supremacy and Sufficiency of Christ
Stephen Whitney
Colossians 4:2-6

In the seventh game of the 1962 World Series the San Francisco Giants had a man on second base, where Bobby Richardson was playing. When the Yankees changed pitchers, Richardson, who was a Christian, saw a unique opportunity. While the new pitcher was warming up, he walked over to the man on second base and asked him if he knew Jesus as his Savior.

When the runner reached the dugout later, he asked his teammate Felipe Alou, who was also a Christian, what was going on. ''Even in the seventh game of the World Series,'' he said to Felipe, ''you people are still talking about Jesus.'' He couldn't understand why a Christian would talk about Jesus in that situation.

How can we affectively witness to those who don't not know Jesus as their personal Savior? How can we relate to unbelievers?

Their values are different than yours, their interests are not the same as yours, their language is often course or crude, their time is spent different than yours, their entertainment is different than yours so it can be challenging to build relationships with them so you can share the gospel.

What can we do to bridge the gap between us and them so that we can have the opportunity to share the gospel of Christ with them? Paul gives us two principles in Colossians 4 to be able to bridge the gap so we can share our faith with them.

1. Be faithful in praying for opportunities to witness in :2-4 2. Be wise in how you share the gospel with them in :5-6.

BE FAITHFUL IN PRAYING :2-4 Steadfast :2 Prayer is a regular part of our Christian walk with God. It is through prayer that we talk with God and he talks to us. Paul mentions three aspects that are to be part of our prayers.

1. Continue steadfast (KJB continue) - Gk. to persevere. It implies that prayer is a regular part of our Christian life. Acts 1:14 The disciples with one accord were dev ...

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