by Jerry Watts

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Becoming the Person You Were Designed to Be (2 of 2)
Jerry Watts
John 1:6-9

We live in a fallen world. Sometimes we forget this important truth, but it is accurate nonetheless. It's not everyone else who has fallen, it's me, it's you, it's our parents, it's our children, and it's all. We live in a fallen world because it is the choice we have made. Had Adam and Eve, not made the wrong decision, chances are, we would have. Yet, God designed mankind for perfection.

In our last message we laid the foundational pillars which are true for everyone. We must begin by deciding about deity, the darkness, and our destination for eternity. These are essential to chart a course and then stay on the course Jehovah God lays for us.

This time let's look at the next 4 verses and learn from some ''one'' who made these decisions and lived his life in a manner that let the world know his God. Let's discover what him so confident, brave, and fulfilled in his work. John the Baptist, as we call him, serves as a model for every person who desires to fulfill their design and become all they are designed to be. (READ TEXT)

Since the Garden of Eden, God's desire has been to bring light back into this world, which has fallen into darkness. Think about it; when God created the world He said (Gen 1:3), ''Let there be light'' and until chapter 3, when the man and woman made the choice, light ruled. Then darkness fell on God's creation. The entirety of the Old Testament pointed us to the event when Jesus would come to earth, to restore the order of creation, and restore light into this dark world. This is why scripture makes so much of the concept of ''light.'' The world needs light. America needs light. Our culture needs light. I need this light. You need this light. John introduced this light.

He was fulfilling his personal designed by fulfilling his divine calling. This is our challenge today. God has called you and me to make the decision, He doesn't force us, but He loving ...

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