by Jeff Strite

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Rapture Problems (3 of 3)
Series: The Second Coming
Jeff Strite
Matthew 24:30-51

OPEN: How many of you watched or heard about the recent movie "Noah’s Ark" starring Jon Voight? The network that developed it spent a great deal of time promoting the credentials of the actors and writers. They built it up as one of the greatest TV film events of the year.
But after it aired, just about everyone else thought it was a disaster. I read about it in Major news magazines like Time and Newsweek. I heard about it from members of my Sunday School Class. A friend of mine that didn’t even attend church regular called to complain. Nobody seemed to like it.

What was it that upset so many about film?
Well, it was badly written, badly researched, and poorly acted.
But - more seriously for believers - there was the concern that the movie would influence people (who had no church background) misleading and confusing them.

We believers were UNEASY, because we were offended by the liberties taken and the potential damage that the movie could have had.

I. When I approach the topic of “the rapture” I feel that same kind of uneasiness.
I’m pleased that the focus on 2nd coming of Christ has intensified over past 40 years. All this talk about “the rapture” reminds us that Jesus is coming.

Christians have proudly displayed bumper stickers
· In case of rapture, this car will be unoccupied
· In case of rapture, someone please take the wheel
· In case of rapture, give my car to my brother-in-law

I’m gratified with the sense of urgency this has created. The need to set life right with God that has been created.

BUT there is much that bothers me in the discussion of the Rapture. There is too much bad theology that surrounds what many people presently understand about it.

To understand what’s lies behind the popular concept of the Rapture, it’s necessary to go back to book of Daniel, and the interpretation of its prophecies. These interpretations form the basi ...

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